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Trinity Payment SolutionS

Trinity Payment Solutions innovates for your industry.

Your business was tailor-made by you.  Your payments solution should be tailor-made for you.  No matter your industry, Trinity Payment Solutions has the answer for any need.

At Trinity Payment Solutions, we understand the importance of making it easy for your customers to pay. Whether face-to-face inserted, or contactless payment by card or app, the ease of check out is key to success. Trinity offers a variety of point-of-sale solutions, all with multiple connectivity options that support secure and encrypted in-store payments.
Today customers demand flexibility in the way they pay. Trinity Payment Solutions has you covered in any environment so your business can grow and thrive everywhere and anywhere. Our one platform in multiple payment environments = your success.
At Trinity Payment Solutions, we know restaurants today navigate a complicated world. They need to take orders and get paid in multiple ways. We provide complete solutions for all of them.

Hospitality & Travel

Whether you’re in the business of booking travel or checking your guests into their rooms, Trinity Payment Solutions has complete, secure, and reliable solutions for all the ways you do business.

Healthcare & Eldercare

The healthcare industry in the U.S. is an everchanging environment impacting patient and customer engagement, privacy in billing, and payments. Trinity Payment Solutions understands the healthcare industry and provides complete and secure payment solutions for medical practitioners, health systems, hospitals, and other stakeholders in the health and eldercare industries.

Education & Non-Profit

Education and non-profits alike need flexible omnicommerce solutions for all the services they provide and all the ways they need to be paid for them. From automated payments across campus, to the coffee shop on the quad, educational institutions need one comprehensive solution, while non-profits need a tailored solution that meets their unique requirements. At Trinity Payment Solutions we bring complete and secure deliverables to education and non-profits alike.


Businesses that sell to other businesses have unique requirements, and Trinity understands them all. The card brands provide for cost advantages when you sell to other businesses or to the government. With this in mind, Trinity Payment Solutions offers cutting edge solutions that drive as many of your transactions towards optimized pricing as possible. With our suite of robust security and fraud prevention tools, we’ll make the process of getting you paid more efficient, more secure, and less costly.

Non-Traditional Business Type or Not Listed Here?

Trinity Payment Solutions has more than 3 decades of expertise working with business types with which other providers don’t or can’t serve. If you don’t see your industry listed above, not only does Trinity have you covered, but we do it better and faster than anyone else. Here are just a few of our specialties:

Governments and Municipalities

The public sector requires innovative and digitized payments for citizens that want payments to be easy and secure. It’s here that Trinity Payment Solutions leads the way. From any town USA utility providers, to county and state governments, Trinity delivers flexible and secure omni-commerce solutions for all the services they provide.

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