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Online payments are the fastest growing segment in commerce. It offers businesses of all sizes the opportunity to be open 24 hours a day and sell their products anywhere in the world. For the consumer, it has become a common convenience to shop from the comfort of their living room sofa. In fact, the number of US residents who shop online is expected to continue to grow rapidly through the next several years, establishing the United States as one of the world’s leading e-commerce markets in terms of online shopper penetration.

With Trinity’s innovative online payment solutions, you can take advantage of this trend by strengthening your company’s online presence and offering customers a simple and reliable buying experience. We offer a complete range of e-commerce solutions and continue to innovate delivering cutting edge solutions as the e-commerce segment continues to grow. Trinity Payment Solutions will get your business paid quickly and securely while providing a secure and reliable checkout environment for your customers.

E-Commerce Solutions for Businesses of Every Size

Selling online is simple when you work with Trinity Payment Solutions. We know your success demands a simple and secure checkout environment for your customers, as well as transparent and prompt funding to you.

Customers who have a negative experience while shopping online are less likely to complete orders and less likely to return to that website. With our secure and reliable processing environment you won’t ever have to worry about your customers having a negative buying experience.

Trinity Payment Solutions e-commerce products are compatible with all major online shopping carts and systems.

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A gateway is an online tool that connects your shopping cart to your merchant account and our network. It provides secure and encrypted transmission of the payment data to ensure the integrity of each transaction. Gateways include a security and fraud prevention suite of options and are programmable to allow for the best overall fit to the individual business.

In-App Payments and Digital Wallets

If you want to sell on your smartphone or tablet app, Trinity Payment Solutions can make that happen. Using the same or similar technology as a gateway, we can link your app to your merchant account and our network to get you paid securely and quickly, while providing your customers the best in-app experience possible.

Digital Wallets offer customers convenience and ease of use, along with increased payment security. Digital wallets can also help you streamline the check-out process. With the fraud tools embedded in the our digital wallet solutions, this method of payment can help reduce fraudulent transactions. Trinity Payment Solutions has the products that allow you to offer your customers this convenient and secure payment option with no additional fees.

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